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C of E School Opportunities


Education Services in Inverclyde endorsed the following Scout “Wish List

Ø  Placing a small plastic leaflet cartridge at reception with some nice corporate leaflets aimed at young people and adults. The name of each school will appear on these, clearly showing we have a working partnership. 

Ø    Placing a modern eye catching poster, again at a place identified by the      Head Teacher.


Ø    Place a sign on school gate to let all know that Scouts meet there.


Ø    Each school to provide identified space to create a wall of Achievement dedicated to Scouts. We have great examples now in Sacred Heart, St Patrick’s, Kilmacolm and Inverkip Primary Schools.

Ø  Group leader being invited to talk to Parents Council about Scouting.


Ø  Group leader being invited to talk to classes on outdoor or adventure matters. Many of our leaders have tremendous skills to offer the C of E.


Ø  The School feeling comfortable about asking for help at the school fete for example, or borrowing equipment. Inverkip School have benefited from Archery sessions from trained Scout archery teachers and will soon be using Scout African drums.



Ø   Head teacher may be asked to present awards at scout parent night.


Ø  Allow Scouts to wear their Scout uniform to school for 1 day in the year, 22nd February (Founders day, Birthday of Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell)


Ø  That Head Teachers avoid using scouting let nights for school events such as parents night or School concerts.

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