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C of E Progress Report

image001.jpg           Greenock & District Scouts Curriculum for Excellence  

Report of progress


Greenock and District Scouts first became involved in linking with the Curriculum for Excellence, shortly after a request from Maureen Morris the newly appointed head teacher of Inverkip Primary School in August 2009. Mrs Morris expressed a wish to be made aware of the achievements of the Scouts in her school. She attended Greenock & District Development Day on the 9th May 2010 and since then we have moved on at a pace and have achieved much in a relatively short space of time.

Our aims & objectives

Our aims and objectives in launching this project were very simple really, just to structure a partnership between education and Scouting in our district that recognised success through our balanced programme in Scouting and that linked with the four cornerstones of the Curriculum for Excellence:

·         Successful Learners

·         Confident Individuals

·         Responsible Citizens

·         Effective Contributors

Our partners in Education refer to this as “bringing learning to life and life to learning” and we knew that Scouting fitted this concept in a seamless way.

So we embraced this opportunity as a mechanism to promote the success of Scouting locally.  Our Census figures at this time were 1189 across 16 groups in our district. We are of the opinion that as a direct result of promoting Scouting in this way we reach young people and adults that simply we could never target before, and we are sure that this approach will grow our movement. In January 2011 our census had reached growth for the fifth year running and we now have 1457. This innovative media is the way forward to excite young people and attract adults to the “Best game in the World” Scouting.

Our Initial pilot project

We decided to pilot this initially with Inverkip Primary School, and we were given an achievement wall in this school to promote the local groups success. Our partnership with this school was further forged by the following:

Ø  Both Scouts and other primary children attended the land handover of Everton Scout Camp by Inverclyde Council.

Ø  Inverkip School have a small garden in our 40 acre site that they use as an outdoor learning centre.

Ø  A Scouting parent from the 32nd G&D set up a learning programme for p7 that included a live incident, involving police as the actors, then young people taking and writing statements and then a day out at court, this involved the sheriff and the children playing jurors and other court room parts. Five Scouts played active roles in this.

Ø  The head teacher was recognising Bronze and Silver Chief Scout awards at her assemblies and giving out certificates to further endorse their achievement.

Ø  She was attending Section Meetings to present the above awards in her own time.

We have developed a recording system that can be used in all local primary schools to inform each head teacher who was scouting in their schools, and each child had a record card for their section in school to record their individual badges and awards and to provide news updates of camps, achievement and events. The head teacher in Inverkip Primary assisted us in this process and took the Challenge Awards from each section and linked them to the learning outcomes from the Curriculum.

Our Success beyond the pilot

Here is a time line of what has basically happened after the pilot:



23rd November 2010

David McCallum, D.C   & Shirley Cairney ADCAT attended Inverclyde Head Teachers meeting by invitation the joint partnership between Education Services & Scouting it was officially endorsed by Albert Henderson Corporate Director of Education of Inverclyde Education Services. This included full agreement to the scouting wish list (see appendix A) on page 5 of this report.

23rd November 2010

To Launch to all head teachers our recording system. To announce that we would develop Scouting Champions to each school after the Gang show and that we would aim for an official launch of this by the end of February 11.

6th February 11

Training took place with the first 9 champions to explain the way school roles would collated and information would be disseminated to schools.

10th February 11

Scouts were given their own Admin contact, Lesley Steele and agreement was reached through the Head of Service to have our weekly Scout Notes also placed on Glow. We are reaching 8000 pupils and teachers in Inverclyde to promote Scouting.

15th February 11

A group of staff and children from a local children’s home made contact and used Everton as a learning centre for the day.

17th February 11

Wilma Bain made contact with the writer and asked permission to give a copy of our Curriculum pack to the HMIE who were inspecting Schools in Inverclyde. She informed that HMIE were very impressed by the innovative partnership. We believe that this has now been sent to Learning and Teaching Scotland as the first of an excellence practice model in embracing the Curriculum for Excellence.

19th  February 11

DC David McCallum began talks with our local Special Needs School Glenburn to look at developing Scouting to them as a group with special needs, at the request of their head teacher.

22rd February  11

4 Schools in Inverclyde took part in Founders Day celebrations with pupils wearing their uniforms to school. Adults also joined in and wore their uniforms to work. Once again the Scouting message was loud and clear, and spread round Inverclyde schools via glow.

23rd February 11

One of our ADC Cubs, James Arkley was asked by the head teacher of Sacred Heart Primary to talk to over 200 parents about Scouting and it direct link with the C of E .

10th March 11

St. Michael’s PS enjoyed a day at Everton.

12th March 11

DC, David McCallum& DDC Peter Bennett held further talks with Glenburn School, and was further supported by John Kitson from SHQ for special needs to further develop the onset of Scouting in this special needs school.

12th March 11

Shirley Cairney ADC, met with Cathy Sorensen (HT) at her request to look at developing a link with Secondary schools.

19th March11

An approach by Cedars School of Excellence

In the private sector to make a link with Scouting and the Curriculum for Excellence. This will be followed up next week as invited.

Summary of Report

This has been a remarkable journey in eighteen short months and to date this project has been both exciting and extremely fruitful, it has been innovative and already has gone beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. It goes without saying that this project is a first, so we have had to write it and have had no other point of reference in which to call upon. That said it made this all the more inspiring as it was born from a blank canvas.

We have came a long way, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of all we intend to achieve and this project has gave us the perfect platform to begin the process of promoting scouting and inspire growth, it endorses the success of achievement and adventure that is recognised beyond the school bell, it dovetails with the curriculum for excellence and we have forged a very unique partnership with our Education Services and schools which are pivotal to both our success as we go forward here in Greenock and District we believe that we can offer an opportunity to any young person who wants the chance to Scout.

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