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Malawi Project

200_badgemalawi.jpgScottish Scouting has launched a campaign to help Scouting grow in Malawi. The aim is to raise about £6,000 for the Scout Association of Malawi, not only to help more young people there to experience Scouting but, at a more basic level, just to allow the Movement to continue.

Greenock and District co-ordinator for the Malawi project is Alison Clark, ABSL at 6th Greenock and District (1st  Gourock). Alison is extremely enthusiastic about the project and has made short presentations on how Groups can support this national project. The project is a real Global Challenge and all sections can take part.

As a stand alone project, Greenock and District has set a target of raising £2,272. This amount will be sufficient to fund the purchase of a maize mill to be given to a Scout Group in Mawali.  


We are please to say that we have surpassed that total. In fact, we have collected an amount of £2,769.

DSC_2601.JPGDSC_2596.JPGOver the year, District events and support from Groups has raised amounts as follows

Offering at annual District Parade and Church Service:- £250.

District A.G.M:- £30. Awards Day Collection:- £277.

Cub Carol Service and Carol Singing:- £400.

Badge Sales:-(unidentified):- £73.  Other donations:- £56

6th Group:- £410     32rd Group:- £76

33nd Group:- £50.   42nd Group:- £122.

45th Group:- £201. 59th Group :-£100

70th Group:-£236        73rd Group:- £132.

85th Group:- £356

    WELL DONE GREENOCK – WE HAVE DONE IT The District thanks Alison Clark for the hard work that she has put in co-ordinating this Project.

    Malawi Starter BoxesThe idea of the starter box is that sections or groups would collect or fund raise for items that Scout leaders in Malawi have suggested as being basic necessities to starting a section in Malawi.These items, listed below, would then be boxed and a contact name and address included in the box, enabling the group in Malawi who receive the box to contact the sending group. Contents to be purchased and/or sourced:

    • 12 x 2 m lengths of rope, with finished ends, for knotting practice (not polyprop)
    • 2 or 3 footballs (about £5.00)
    • Football pump (about £4.00)
    • 1 or 2 basic compasses for south of the equator (about £15.00) – Silva Voyager 9020 is suitable
    • 1 knife with fold away blade, no longer than 3” (between £5 – £10)
    • 2 x whistles (between £1.00 – £5.00)
    • Print copy of Malawian Handbook that can be electronically supplied

    We would like to suggest that groups also include some other things of their own choice. These could be a letter from the group, letters from the young people, information on the group and what they do, pictures of the group, picture of their home town or area. Other things can be included like extra games stuff, tennis balls, book on knotting, tracking, orienteering, pencils, colouring pencils (not felt pens).

    Things that are not useful are old uniforms or old UK Scout handbooks (Malawi has a different programme).

    To assist with the promotion, Scottish Headquarters has advised the following:-                


    Certificates are sent from SHQ to Groups, Districts, etc who raise the following amounts – Bronze £50, Silver £100, Gold £150+.  The certificates will also be awarded for starter boxes donated Bronze – 1 box, Silver 2 boxes, Gold 3 boxes+.  It is not intended that every individual receive a certificate; the point is to encourage Groups to embrace the appeal and go for Gold.



    Programme Material

    The aim for the programme material is to send out an e message each month from October until June next year.  There will be suggested ideas for an evening’s meeting for all 5 sections on the same or similar themes, thus allowing sections to work on their Global challenges or also work towards their International Friendship Partnership Award as a Group, or Scouts and Explorers etc.


     Alison is aware that groups have started fundraising for the project so keep her up-to-date with your progress and we can keep a tally of Greenock & Districts progress towards our target on our website and at HQ, and yes there will be a collecting can at HQ for those of you who drop in for a coffee or to shop.                                                                                                         


                                                                                The link below is to UK-Africa Network Fellowship. It gives information about Scouting in Malawi and other African countries. Click on to it to find out more about the history of Scouting in Malawi and other african countries.



    Comment from Jennifer Buchan
    Time March 15, 2010 at 9:33 am

    The 45th-!st Quarrier’s Village, so far has raised £202. This amount was raised only by the Beaver section (as we had no cubs at the time). Jenn x

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