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2008 – Hardy Webster Competition

Over the weekend of Friday 5th to Sunday 7th September 2008, ten patrols representing seven Troops belonging to Greenock & District demonstrated their outdoor and camping skills.

It was a very enjoyable and emotional contest. All Patrols gave their best with high standards being achieved. When the results were announced only one point separated the first two teams.

The winning Patrol represented the 73rd Group with the second and third places going to the 32nd Group.

At the Presentation Ceremony, District Commisioner David McCallum congratulated all the competing Scouts on their spirit and peformance over the weekend.

Groups participating in the Competion were 32nd (3 Patrols), 59th, 70th. 73rd. 73rd/97th, 80th and 85th (two Patrols).

A photograph of the winning Patrol from the 73rd together with their Scout Leader, David Storey, is shown below.

Click on to it and view a selection of photographs from the week end.


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