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Windsor :- Queen Scout Parade – 20th April 2008

Our District Commissioner, David McCallum, was awarded the Silver Acorn in the 2008 St George’s Day Awards.

Due to this Award, David and his wife Carol were invited to witness the Parade of Queen Scouts held in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle on Sunday 20 April.

On Saturday, despite the wind and rain, they had a fabulous time sightseeing in Windsor.

The weather had cleared on Sunday. In the morning they attended the Matins Service in St. Georges Chapel. The College of St. George was founded at Windsor in 1348 and has sought to fulfil its vocation to offer prayer to Almighty God in St. George’s Chapel ever since. The Service was sung by the Lay Clerks of the Chapel Choir. The Preacher was The Reverend Canon John White, Vice-Deacon.

In the afternoon, David and Carol returned to the Castle to witness the Parade of Queen Scouts. The following is an extract taken from the Official Programme of the Day:-

The great honour of holding the St. George’s Day Parade at Windsor Castle, followed by the National Scout Service in St. George’s Chapel was first granted in 1934 by His Majesty King George V. With its Tower and ancient stonework looking down on the magnificent Lawn and broad pathways of the Quadrangle, it is a splendid setting for the ceremony.

Invited spectators enter the Quadrangle through St. George’s Gate and occupy enclosures on three sides of the Lawn.

At the top left hand corner of the Lawn is the Equerry’s Entrance. At the opposite right hand corner is the Sovereign’s Entrance. A small Dias had been placed at mid-point on the pathway between the two.

Near the Equerry’s Entrance, a space was reserved for a party of Cub Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members who hold Gallantry Awards.

The Parade mustered in the Royal Mews. To a precisely calculated time schedule, the Parade, led by the Band of the Welsh Guards, moved off up the main driveway to St. George’s Gate.

On entering the Quadrangle, the Military Band took position at the lower end of the Lawn. In ten Sections, the Queen’s Scouts continued up either side of the Lawn until called to a halt. They then faced inwards and took up correct dressing.

The 2nd Rossendale Scout Band, augmented by a Corps of Drums from the 17th Tonbridge Scout and Guide Band brought up the rear of the Parade and took position to the right of the Military Band.

Meanwhile, the Colour Party bearing the King’s Flag, so named after it’s presenter King George V, the Flag of St. George and The Scout Association Colour formed up at St. Georges Gate and moved to the lower end of the Quadrangle.

The Leader of the Parade, Mr Des Harris then called the Parade to ‘Alert’ and the Colour Party marched on between the assembled ranks and halted in front of them. The Parade then stood at ease in readiness for the arrival of HRH The Duke of Kent, President of the Association , representing HM The Queen on this occassion.

On entering the Quadrangle, The Duke of Kent was met by the Chief Scout, Mr Peter Duncan and the Chief Executive, Mr Derek Twine. After the Parade was called to ‘Alert’, the Chief Scout and Chief Executive escorted The Duke of Kent to the Dias. The Salute was then given.

The Duke left the Dias and escorted by the Leader of the Parade, proceeded to review the Queen Scouts, by going along the front ranks on the Sovereign’s Entrance side of the Parade, past the Bands and returning along the opposite ranks and finally meeting the Gallantary Award Holders. The Chief Scout reviewed the rear rank.

While the Gallantry Award holders were being introduced, the Colour Party and the Bands took post for the March Past after the Duke of Kent had returned to the Dias. The Queen Scout’s were turned into column and, at the order ‘Quick March’, the Scout Band followed by the Leader of the Parade and the Colour Party led the March Past.

As each Section reached the Dias, it’s Leader gave the Salute and the remainder gave ‘Eyes Right’. The Parade marched down the left hand pathway and left the Quadrangle by the Engine Court Gateway continueing on towards St. Geoge’s Chapel for the National Scout Service. The Military Band, after playing throughout the March Past, advanced to its Regimental March and brought up the rear of the Parade.

As the music faded, The Chief Scout escorted The Duke of Kent and the Association’s Guests from the Quadrangle to St. George’s Chapel, via the Engine Court Gate, for the National Scout Service.

From the Engine Court Gate, the Queen Scouts continued their march through Upper, Middle and Lower Wards to reach the Horseshoe Cloister and entered St. George’s Chapel through the Great West Door.

After the National Scout Service, the Chief Scout addressed the Queen Scouts briefly in the Horseshoe Cloister. The doors to the Cloiser was then opened and, headed by the Scout Band, the Parade marched back to the Royal Mews and was dismissed.

The image below shows of David with Chief Scout Peter Duncan, click on to it and view a selection of photographs.

2008 Windsor 046.JPG

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