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Windsor:- Queen Scout Parade – 22nd April 2007


This year, two of our local Leaders, Iris Canning and Margaret Bell, were awarded the Silver Acorn for ‘specially distinguished service to Scouting.’ Due to this Award, they were invited to witness the Parade of Queen Scouts which takes place in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle.

Over three hundred Queen Scouts assembled from all over the United Kingdom and Commonwealth met to form the Parade of Queen Scouts. The Parade was led into the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle by the Band of the Scots Guards. They are followed by the Halesowen Scout Band augmented by a Corps of Drums from the 1st Syston Scout Troop and Guide Band with the Alderley District Scout Band.

The Queen Scouts forming sixteen Sections marched into the Quadrangle. When assembled, there was eight Sections (two rows deep, inward facing) lining the left and right sides of the Quadrangle with the two Bands on the inside.

The Leader of the Parade (Mr D. Harris), called the Queen Scout’s to Alert after which the Colour Party bearing the King’s Flag (named after it’s presenter King George V), the Flag of St George and the Scout Association Colour marched through the Parade stopping in front of the Dias.

The Parade being fully assembled, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip entered the Quadrangle by the Sovereign’s Entrance and was escorted to the Dias by the Chief Scout, Mr Peter Duncan and the Chief Executive, Mr D. M. Twine. The ‘Salute’ was then given.

The Queen left the Dias and, escorted by the Leader of the Parade, proceeded to review the Front Ranks of the Parade. Prince Philip and the Chief Scout reviewed the Rear Ranks.

Having completed the Review, Her Majesty returned to the Dias. The Queen Scouts turned into column and on the order ‘Quick March’, the Scout Band followed by the Leader of the Parade and the Colour Party led the March Past. As each Section reaches the Dias, its Leader gave the Salute and the remainder gave ‘Eyes Right’

Leaving the Quadrangle, the Parade continued their march through Upper, Middle and Lower Wards of the Castle to reach the Horseshoe Cloisters and enter St. George’s Chapel for the National Scout Service.

As the music faded, the Chief Scout escorted Her Majesty to the Sovereign’s Entrance. Having taken his leave, he escorted the Association’s Guests to the Chapel for the National Scout Service.

The photograph below is of the Chief Scout talking to Iris and Margaret. Click on to the image to view a selection of photographs of the day.



Comment from pat myall
Time October 12, 2009 at 4:54 pm

I took part in the Queens Scout parade in the early 1960s. It was just about the proudet days of my life especially as my parents, brother and his fiancee (later his wife) were there watching.

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