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60th Greenock and District Scout grooup

DSC_6854On Friday 9th September 2011, the 60th Greenock & District Scout Group (Glenburn School) was formed.  The group meets in the school on Friday afternoon’s for 90 minutes. We have started off with  13 Beaver and  15 Cubs Scouts, The boys and girls are aged 6 to 8 for Beavers and 8 to 10.5 years for Cubs. We hope to develop Scouts and Explorer Scouts after Christmas.

The number 60 is to recognise the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year.

DSC_6889It is a first for us here at Greenock District Scouts, the first ‘special’ group in the District.   This development of a special Scout Group who meet in school in school time is unique in Scotland. It further enhances our partnership with education in Inverclyde, and adds to the C of E as it links achievement through our progressive balanced programme”.

Planning for this new group has been ongoing for almost 1 year, working closely with the head teacher Eileen McGeer and her dedicated staff at Glenburn. Scouting in Greenock is currently embracing the new Curriculum for Excellence, strengthening links with all primary schools over the next few months


DSC_6868After the first meeting, head teacher Mrs. McGeer said that pupils, parents and staff are delighted that our plans to establish a Beaver Scout and a Cub Scout group have now become a reality!   Last Friday afternoon boys and girls in our primary department met with their Scout Leaders for the first time – there was great excitement and already the pupils are looking forward to working on awards and badges and of course to getting their specially designed “neckie” once they have made their promise.

We are very proud of being known as the 60th group and our attractive neckie is two tone in colour to represent out primary uniform “burgundy” and our secondary uniform “blue”.  We are really grateful to all the support David McCallum and fellow Scouters have given to the school in planning and preparing for this over the past year.  Together we thought that our pupils would really enjoy being part of a Scout group with their friends so we thought let’s start groups in school on a Friday afternoon.  The activities, challenges and resulting awards tie in beautifully with our aims, our values and of course our Curriculum for Excellence.  The programme provides rich opportunities for pupils to further develop lots of skills as well as have great fun and adventures!  Eventually we hope to change the venue from Glenburn to Scout halls and in time also to provide for the older pupils in our secondary department by introducing Scouts and Explorer Scouts.

In April we had a “whole school” activities day up at Everton.  This was a marvellous introduction to the Scouting Movement and gave pupils a taster of this excellent facility and organisation.

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