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10th Greenock & District (2nd Gourock)

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When Danny Gormley & David Whitelaw established the 10th Cub Pack on 24th February 1971 they could never have guessed the strength of the group 35 years later.

Danny & David continued until early 80’s, when both left. At this time Ian & Iris Canning from the 73rd R & I helped keep the group going along with others from the District including John McAuley from 33rd R & I until 1982.

In 1982 along came Bill Lightfoot as Scout Leader & Group Scout Leader (known to all as ‘Skipper to this day) and his wife May. Along with Ian and Iris, Bill & May were instrumental in setting up the Scout Troop and the Beaver Colony in September 1982.

First Beaver Leaders along with May Lightfoot in those early days were Ann Stevens and Mary Woods, along with parent helpers – Tillis Hayne, Rose Ahlfield and Eileen Neal.

Highlight of those early days was when the Beaver Colony won the very first Jean King Trophy. The Beavers won this trophy again in the 90’s.

Under the leadership of Bill, the Group has seen hundreds of young people and adults pass through it’s doors, out into the world, then back to the group with their own family.

The Group has enjoyed many hikes during summer and the famous Winter Hikes during snow as well as lots of weekends and summer holidays, camping to many places like Glen Kin, Millport, Auchengillan, Walesby, near Chesterfield, Lochgoilhead and of course Everton.

Famous activities include ‘How many Scouts can you sqeeze into a public phone box in Millport ?’ Answer – 17 !! Is this a world record ?

How many Lads and dads remember what happened during the famous Lochgoilhead Bell Boat Challange Race !!!!!. Many young people have attained Scout awards at all levels, with Martin Beer becoming the first to achieve the highest – the Queen’s scout Award.

Longest serving members of the group are Peter & Chris Stevens who were part of the first Beaver Colony and are currently Assistant Scout Leaders of the present day Scout Troop.

Throughout the years, the group has enjoyed many successes in competitions which include James McFadden, who won the District Cross Country 3 years in a row. During the District swimming gala of 1985, Graham Murray won the Scout Championship, was 2nd in the Scout Diving and part of the Scout Relay team who gained 2nd place with Fergus McClafferty, Laughlin Smith & Paul McLoone. The 10th Swimming team gained 2nd place in the Victory Trophy that year.

Many Cub Art & Model Trophies have been won over the years, the Cub District Challenge Cup, The Scout Orienteering Trophy was won twice during the last 10 years. The first time in 1994 by Robert Lynch jun & Martin McClintock, and then again in 2004 by Peter McGrath & Jordan Brown. The District Pioneering Trophy was won for the first time in 2005 with the winning team of Peter & Mark McGrath, Kenneth Munro and Scott Hughes.

Bill finally retired his woggle in 1994 (but came back for a brief time as Cub Leader in late 90’s) and Bob Lynch became GSL (a post he still enjoys today) supported by a raft of committed leaders and parents.

Under Bob’s leadership the group has increased its numbers to over 80 with numbers set to increase this year again. The 10th have welcomed girls to the movement and had scouts participate in expeditions across Canada, America, Africa and Europe while still also enjoying the core activities that make scouting special.

Most recently the group is delighted that Peter McGrath (Explorer Scout) and Stephen Gallacher (Leader) have been selected to participate in this year’s international jamboree to celebrate the centenary, reiterating the quality of scouting at the 10th.

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