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Week Ending 17.09.22

Hardie Webster District weekend Camp. 

  6 patrols took part in the Hardie Webster District camp at Everton this weekend.   The 6th, 33rd, 45th and 70th troops were represented. 

  The weekend is usually run as a competition but this time it was run as a training event so although no trophies were presented they were on site for everyone to see. 






The 6 Patrols had to set up their own campsite area and do their own cooking   This was done on both gas stoves and wood fires. They had to collect enough firewood for cooking and  also for heating their water for washing up too. 




Each Patrol worked together to try and make their campsite the best.  They built entrance gateways , flagpoles and any other “gadgets” they thought would make life easier at camp and which would have earned them extra points if they had been judged. 

  No dishwashers here, so a draining board with space for the washing up bowl was one of the useful additions to their camp set ups.  Other gadgets included somewhere to dry tea towels and store their axe and saw. 

  On Saturday Patrols took part in three bases, pioneering, safe saw & axe use and first aid.    

  After it was dark they had a campfire with each Patrol taking turns to lead the singing. 

 On Sunday after everyone had packed up their tents they came together at the end of the camp in the Church.    

  Mark Gallacher  told the Scouts that as it wasn’t a competition there could not be a winning Patrol, but a different way to look at things would be to say that although it might be a bit of a cliché, everyone who took part was a winner!

  He went on to say that they he had seen them all working well together & having fun. He hoped that they had made new friends or had taken the opportunity to get to know folk that they already knew better.   

Gary McCluskey invited the Patrol leaders to come and accept the “prizes” of sweets to be shared with their Patrols. 

  The fantastic weather lasted all weekend and it was only after the camp had finished that the rain came on. 

  Thanks to all the Leaders who helped organise the weekend and who gave their support to the young people.   

  Another Everton training camp will be held in March 2023 and it is hoped that those who took part in this camp will come along to further develop their skills. It will also be open to the rest of the District.  

  It is the intention that there will also be a Hardy Webster competition later in 2023.  Details will be announced after arrangements have been finalised. 

70th Beavers

Tonight the 70th Beavers went for a leaf walk and used those leaves to create crowns.
The Beavers also bought in pictures of Queen Elizabeth II to create a collage of her life.
Instead of our usual stampout to end our meeting we closed with the reading of a poem.




Gang Show 2022

Opening number

All cast members require a plain black crew neck short sleeved t-shirt, e.g. from Primark, plus black plimsolls.

Males – will need smart black trousers (e.g. school trousers).

 If you don’t have these, please come along to HQ, Finnart St, Sunday 18thSeptember @1pm to be measured for a pair.

Females – will require ¾ length black leggings.


A reminder that kilt fittings are also this Sunday 18th Sept at HQ, Finnart St @1pm.


If you can help during show week and need a PVG, please come along to HQ, Finnart St, Sunday 18th September @10:30am. You’ll need 3 forms of ID, a list of suitable documents can be found at


Please remember to bring along tickets money and booking forms as soon as possible, as tickets will soon be going on sale to the public.