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Week Ending 15.03.14

  70th On Target At Everton

 Twenty-two scouts from the 70th enjoyed a day of activity at Everton last weekend with sessions of archery, wide games and a hike exploring the woods and gulley on site.

Special thanks to Paul Laverty, Liam O’Hagan and Sara McCaig for assisting on the day and all the scouts look forward to more archery sessions in the next couple of months to gain the masters at arms activity badge.

 To earn the masters at arms badge, scouts must train and improve at fencing, shooting or archery.

 85th Take the Biscuit

 Scouts from 85th Inverkip and Wemyss Bay were treated to a tour of the Tunnock’s Factory in Uddingston last week.

 The factory operates round the clock, so was in full production when they were taken around the shop floors. The Scouts were able to watch close up as ingredients were transformed into biscuits, marshmallows, chocolate and caramel and then into the teacakes and caramel wafers we know and love.

 There were no complaints when it came to the part of the evening that involved sampling some of the biscuits. That night’s baking included some biscuits that were destined abroad including Iceland and Saudi Arabia.

 Thanks to Isabel and Christine and all the staff at Tunnock’s who made the Scouts feel so welcome and made sure they had a fantastic time.

 73rd and 97th Were Climbing High

 A group of older Scouts and Explorers from both 73rd and 97th had a fun-filled evening at Climbzone at Braehead.
 They took part in climbing and completed the Skypark course before stopping off at McDonald’s on the way home. A great night was had by all and thanks go to the staff at Climbzone.