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Week Ending 02.07.22

70th Group AGM and awards ceremony 

  The 70th group held their AGM and awards ceremony this week.  After the serious business of the AGM was over each section took it in turn to address the meeting and explain what activities they had they had taken part in in the past year. 

  This included the very recent Group Camp at Everton last weekend. With Covid restrictions bring eased it was good to be back meeting face to face and indoors. 


 Ruth invested some new “kits”  as Beavers & presented with their troop neckies. The older Beavers  that were ready to move on , they were presented with their Moving On awards and then they “ jumped the river” and swam up to Cubs. They had been presented with camp blankets so they were ready for camping adventures in Cubs and could sew all of their Beaver badges on to it. 

Bronze awards were also presented. This is the highest award that a Beaver can get. 




Cubs –

Having welcomed the new Cubs into the pack It was time  for David to present two former Cubs with their Silver Awards, the highest Cub award. They had moved up to Scouts but it was nice for their former  Cub leader to present them to them. 








One Cub then moved up to Scouts.  Colin welcomed her and the Scouts were then presented with their activity badges that they had earned through the session. 

A number of Scouts had moved up to Explorers earlier in the year.  Two of our young leaders were also presented with their young leaders badges. 

This AGM and awards night was short and sweet but it is hoped next year that it will be more of a social event.  Well done to all our young people. Have a good summer and we will see you all after the holidays.