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JOTA 2009 & other Activities

During 2009 the Radio Team were involved in many radio events & activities for both Greenock District Scouts, Greenock Division Guides & Skelmorlie Cubs.

The year started off with the Foundation Licence Class.  5th Gourock Guides Jenna & Kathryn were successful in passing their Foundation Licence exam and now have their own call signs.

Guides On the Radio

The radio club took part in the 1st TDOTA on 20/21st February 2009 the radio team went up to South Newton Campsite in Kilmacolm and helped GirlGuiding Renfrewshire take part in their 1st TDOTA.  See separate article on the link to the right.

The Club also helped out during their Baden Powell Activity camp at South Newton.  This was the first event in their Centenary year and to mark the occasion, the special event Call sign of GG100GGR was allocated to the club.  The club provided challenges using morse code & Radio to the Baden Powell Guides.  This special call sign will be used throughout the Guide centenary year of 2010.

Summits on the Air (SOTA)

A new activity that the radio team tried out was Summits on the Air (SOTA).  SOTA involves climbing up a hill (while carrying all your radio equipment) & activating it by making 4 different radio contacts, gaining points in the process.  Their 1st SOTA hike was Tinto Hill (Lanarkshire) during summer of 2009.  On a bright & sunny day they headed off up Tinto Hill near Lanark, and despite it being very windy at the top they set up a mobile Amateur Radio Station at the summit of the hill.  Lots of contacts were made from all over west of Scotland.

The next hike took them to Blaeloch Hill in Ayrshire on a very wet & windy day in the autumn of 2009.  Many contacts were made again from all over the West of Scotland.

ARDF Competition

After the success of the 2009 ARDF Seminar , members of the Radio Club took part in an ARDF competition at Mugdock Park during summer of 2009.  ARDF is well established with Scouts in England & the Club hopes to get it up and running here over the next year.

Radio Operators from all over Scotland took part in this event in this exciting new sport works.  ARDF is a bit like orienteering but using radio transmitters & receivers as well as maps & compasses.

3 club members went along to the event and junior member Stephanie McCann enjoyed her first session of ARDF and hopes to be able to show the rest of the district how to take part in ARDF over the next year when equipment has been purchased.

Skelmorlie Cubs

The Radio Club were invited down to Skelmorlie Cubs to show them how the radio works.  Helping out were Junior members Stephanie & Guides Jenna & Kathryn.  The cubs had a great time talking on the radio and learning morse code.

Radio club helping out at national Explorer competition

The radio club recently provided radio support for the bases for the National Explorer Camp in June 09.  A radio operator was stationed at various bases throughout Inverkip & surrounding hills to radio Patrol arrival & departure information back to Base Camp.  Explorers were able to talk on the radio and find out how Amateur Radio worked.  Thanks to Scout Stephanie & Stefan from 10th & 85th for their help on the day.

2 members of the radio club attended a D-Star user’s group meeting.  D-Star is digital amateur radio where radios can be digitally linked on a one to one basis anywhere in the world using digital technology.

52nd Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) was held over the weekend of 16th/17th/18th October, and this year was held in 1st Gourock (CDO) Scout HQ to celebrate their centenary year.  Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders from Greenock District took part  and passed greetings messages to Scouts from both UK and to Scout HQs in Portugal and Holland. More than 40 different contacts in 11 different countries were made in seven hours in the UK and Europe, with 16 of these contacts being other Scout Jamboree stations.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers were also able to complete the Beaver Explore and Scientist Activity Badges, part of the Cub Communicator and Global Cub Scout Challenge, Scout Communicator and part of the Global Challenge and the Explorers were working on part of the Science and Technology badge. Members of all sections from 10th, 33rd, 73rd and 85th Greenock and District Scout Groups also completed their International Friendship Award.

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