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JOTA 2011

32nd Scouts at JOTA The annual Scout Radio ‘Jamboree on the Air’ special event station took place over the weekend 15/16th October at Scout HQ in Finnart St.   The Station was operated mainly by Explorer Scout and Radio Operator Stephanie McCann and other members including Bob Lynch, George & Kai McClintock and Guide Leader Eunice Lynch.  This year was the most successful JOTA event ever with 16 Scout Radio stations contacted from UK, 10 Scouts stations from Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg and for the first time ever Japan.  Contact was also made with radio operators in countries from all over the world and also The Royal Observer Corps operating from an old WW2 Bunker for ‘Bunkers on the Air’.  Scouts from 32nd Greenock & District spoke to Swiss Scouts and exchanged greetings messages with local scouts.  The 32nd scouts told the Swiss scouts information about their Troop including where they went camping, what they do on Troop nights, how many is in the troop and information about where they live.  The Swiss Scouts were very interested to hear about scouts from this area attending the World Jamboree.  They in turn all crowded round the radio to listen to a Swiss Scout tell them all about Scouting in Switzerland including details about their troop, holidays and camps they have attended and what they were working on at their Troop night.  Bob and Stephanie spoke to many Scouts, Cubs & Leaders from many countries and found out all about scouting in their country.  Stephanie made contact with Gilwell Park Special event Radio Station – GB2GP, which is the first time contact has been made with UK Scout HQ at Gilwell Park.  There was a lot of excitement and cheers when contact was made with a Scout Leader from Japan!  This was the first time ever that radio contact had been made by the club.  Bob had a long chat with Scout Radio Operator Motoi from Akita who told Bob about his wife Izumi and son Heiwa who are also members of the Scout Organisation and Radio Operators.  Bob Lynch said ‘It was a great experience to be able to speak on the radio with another scout from so far away.  It made the event one of the most successful that Greenock District has so far taken part in.’

The Radio Club offers groups the chance to come along and work towards gaining their communicator badge during their weekly meetings on Friday’s at HQ.  Contact Bob Lynch on

To view a further selection of photgraphs, click on the image below.

32nd scouts with operator Bob Lynch at JOTA

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