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JOTA 2010

Picture 5 JOTA 2010.JPGGreenock and District Scouts Amateur Radio Club took part in the 53rd  JOTA last weekend. The event took place from the new Amateur Radio Station that has been set up at Scout HQ.

The Radio Team were delighted to be able to make contact with the Dutch Scout HQ, a special radio station celebrating 100 years of Scouting in the Netherlands, Belgian Scout HQ and a team of Scouts from Poland currently staying in Britain. Most exciting and very unusual radio contact was with a radio station situated in the cockpit of an ex RAF Mark 2 deHaviland Comet, which is based at the Mosquito Museum near St Albans. The club also made contact with 27 Scout Stations, 1 Guide Centenary Station, and 70 other radio stations in 12 different countries.

Cubs and Scouts from the 32nd and 10th Groups came along to take part in the weekend’s activities and successfully completed their Communication

badge. Activities that the Cubs, Scouts and Leaders took part in were sending and receiving greetings messages using the radio to other leaders from a Scout group in England and in the Netherlands, Learning how to Tune the radio, Morse Code and Learning the phonetic alphabet and other fun activities. The Scouts also learned how the radio works and some of the technical information about setting up and running a radio station.

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