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JOTA 2008


Greenock & District Scouts – GBØGDS


On the weekend of 17th – 19th October 2008, members of 10th Greenock District Amateur Radio Club operated the 51st Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) at Everton Scout Camp, Inverkip on behalf of Greenock District Scouts.  Members of the Club including newly qualified Scout Radio Operators Stephanie McCann (MM3YGE) & Stefan Rennie (MM3XLQ), along with Foundation Licence student Cub Jonathan Riddell contacted Scout Stations from all over the UK, Western & Eastern Europe, America & Canada with over 80 different contacts being made. 


One of the most important Stations contacted was the World Scout Headquarters

in Switzerland – HB9S.  This is the first time in 11 years that this station has been contacted.  Over 50 Cubs, Scouts, Explorers & Leaders visited the Special Event Radio Station – GBØGDS and all of the Cubs and Scouts Managed  to complete their Communicator Badge.  5 Scouts from the District have expressed an interest in signing up for the next Foundation Licence Course, which starts in January 2009. 


Cubs & Scouts had a variety of activities to complete, including sending a greetings message over the radio, morse code, learning how a radio works, tuning a radio and numerous other fun activities.  New to the JOTA event this year was Slow Scan Television.  This involves the sending and receiving of digital pictures over the air waves.  The Cubs & Scouts were amazed at watching some of the pictures being received from Britain & Europe.


Bob Lynch would like to thank all those leaders who brought their Cubs & Scouts along to the event.  He would also like to thank George & Kai McClintock, David & Jonathan Riddell (10th Cubs), Drew Givens,   Stephanie McCann (10th Scouts), Stefan Rennie (85th Scouts) and Eunice Lynch 5th Gourock Guides for all their help in making this a very successful 51st JOTA.


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