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JOTA Weekend – 2007

Greenock District Scouts, using special amateur radio callsign GB50GDS, took to the airwaves on the weekend of 20 – 21 October 2007, to participate in the 50th Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) at the District Scout Camp in Inverkip. They were supported by the 10th R & I Scout Group Amateur Radio Club (MM0TSG) who provided radio operators and equipment.

5th Gourock Guide Leader Eunice Lynch was also helping out as Radio Operator over the weekend.

Members of the Scout Radio Club, who have organised the event over a number of years consider this to have been the best ever JOTA for Greenock District Scouts.

Greenock District Scouts made contact with over 200 amateur Radio stations, covering 40 countries over 4 continents (Africa, America, Australasia and Europe) in 40 hours. Numerous scout stations were contacted including the headquarter stations at Gilwell Park (GB2GP), Scottish Scout HQ (GB50JS) and the Irish JOTA Station EI100S in Kilkenny.

Over 70 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders & Fellowship visited the station and transmitted greeting messages to other scouts world wide. Special visitors to the station included Area Commissioner Ian Trushell, District Commissioner David MacCallum, Area Beaver Commissioner Ruth Bennett, & Area Network Commissioner Tommy Boag.

The equipment used for this JOTA event was purchased by funding from “Awards for All” Lottery Funding. The newest piece of equipment being used for the first time was a linear amplifier which provided the additional radio power enabling the District Scouts to contact stations in America and Africa for the first time. Bob Lynch made some of the most unique contacts of the weekend when he exchanged greetings messages with scouts from Australia using the Echolink system. Echolink combines amateur radio and the internet to provide worldwide communication between licensed amateur radio stations. This is a fine example of local scouts using leading edge technology. Bob’s Australian contacts were two scout stations located near Sidney with whom he exchanged greeting messages. Participants on the Australian side were leader Hank and a young Cub named Jake, who took great delight in saying that the temperature for that day’s activities was expected to reach 330 Centigrade!

On site with his camera over the weekend was Scout Chris Duffy, who was working on his photographer’s badge, this being one of the many badges being worked on over the weekend. All those who participated in the event successfully completed the requirements for sectional activity badges. These badges are available for purchase by leaders at the District Scout Shop.

All participants received a special certificate & badge to commemorate the 50th JOTA in the Centenary Year of Scouting.

Bob Lynch would like to thank all the Radio Operators and Stephanie and Jonathan for all their help in making the 50th JOTA one of the best ever for Greenock District.

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