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Guide Centenary Radio Events – 2010

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Greenock & District Scouts Amateur Radio Club have run a series of special event radio stations using the unique  call sign gg100ggr over the past centenary year. Operating during Guide Centenary Year on behalf of Renfrewshire Guides the events that members of the radio club using the special call sign gg100ggr have participated in are as follows



Senior Section Guides used the radio as one of their challenges during the weekend.


more than 70 rainbows, brownies, guides, senior section and leaders from renfrew & paisley took part in this event .  radio operators bob, george, kai, eunice and stephanie were operating the radio for nearly 12 hours continuously and had dozens of radio stations trying to contact them at the same time. this successful radio event had more than 350 radio contacts in 35 countries from as far away as puerto rico to russia. they also made contact with 20 guide radio stations.  the girls and young members exchanged thinking day greetings  messages with other guide radio stations from all over the uk and worked towards their communicators badge.


Members of the club operated the radio with members of GirlGuiding dropping in to use the radio.  Visitors to the station also had the chance to try morse code, and some guides gained their communicator & World Guiding badge


Members of Greenock District Scouts Amateur Radio Club provided a Special Event Station for GirlGuiding Greenock Division Centenary Camp at Ardgowan Estate last weekend. Scout Stephanie McCann had her 1st experience of operating on HF over the weekend and proved to be very successful at this and was able to control a very busy afternoon & evening on the radio with many radio operators commenting on how confident she sounded on the radio. Over 200 contacts were made over the weekend including Stations from N & S Ireland, Netherlands, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the Island of Gigha & from an oil rig off the coast of Norway and all over the UK. The Radio Club would like to thank Greenock Division Guides for their hospitality over the weekend. Over 800 members of the division camped over a weekend in May and the majority of the young people were able to send a greetings message using the radio. 


during this scottish challenge the radio team carried a mobile amateur radio station  up to the top of a munro in the glen shee area. the munro that was chosen for the team from gourock was carn a’gheoidh (975m) in the glenshee area, with the rest of the teams spread out on 24 different munros in the same area.  The team had a very challenging hike in very cold weather (even although it was 21 degrees at their base camp in Pitlochry) and with a biting wind all the way and temperatures at the summit of Carn a’Gheoidh of minus six degrees with wind chill factor!  On reaching the summit, the Radio Team made contact with a number of other radio operators around east Scotland including a special event station set up at ‘Scotland’s Secret Bunker’ to celebrate International Museums weekend.  On the return journey back down to base camp, the team made a slight detour and took in some other summits as well! They walked along the ridge from Carn a’Gheoidh to Carn nan Sac (920m) and then around the edge of the corrie to The Cairnwell (933m). The views from all three summits were amazing with snow still at the summits of the higher surrounding peaks. While at the summit of The Cairnwell, District Commissioner Irene Spencer presented Guide Centenary Thanks Badges to Bob Lynch and George and Kai McClintock in grateful thanks for all their hard work on behalf of Greenock Division Guides with all the special event radio stations that they have put on during this special Centenary year for the Guides. . the team  organised this as a sponsored event and managed to raise nearly £1100 for mcpherson centre, radios for the blind fund and the radio club. 



Main operator over this weekend was Scout Stephanie McCann.  Over the weekend more than 80 Guides and Leaders visited the Station and sent greetings messages to other amateur radio operators.  A total of 245 contacts were made in 26 different countries.  Stephanie was congratulated on many occasions on her operating ability.   Stephanie was presented with a special Girlguiding Centenary Thanks Badge by local Guider Sue Graham for her help over the past year


Members of the club operated the last special event radio station using the call sign GG100GGR as part of Renfrew Divisions VISION finale.  Representatives from the 6 Districts within Renfrew Division sent a greetings message.  Some lucky radio operators were lucky enough to contact the station and get the very last QSL card with the call sign on it.

 during the uk centenary camp bob lynch & george mcclintock operated the centneary special event radio station (gg100gg) for a day. they were thrilled to be able to do this.  they were also lucky enough to be able to operate the scout special event radio station during the world jamborree in 2007.  other members eunice lynch, jenna sinclair & kathryn mcbride made contact with liz jones, who is the guider in charge of amateur radio in uk and were able to contact the special event radio station during their day at fusion which was part of the camp.

the activities offered to the guides & brownies during these events are based on the communicator badge for both sections. on offer are learning the phonetic alphabet, morse code, wide games using walkie talkies and sending a greetings message over the radio to another amateur radio operator.

over the course of the year gg100ggr has made 1050 radio contacts, contacted 42 countries including usa, canada, asiatic russia, puerto rico, europe and all over uk. 17  stations were other centenary guide stations, 3 were scout stations & 20 other special event stations.

after each event specially made qsl cards (confirmation cards that contact was made with another station) has been sent out to all 1050 contacts from all over the world.

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