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99th Renfrew & Inverclyde

The 99th Renfrew & Inverclyde Cub Scout’s met for the first time in November 1963 in the newly built Springfield Primary School in Berwick Road Greenock.
The Neckie colours, sky blue and maroon, were the Springfield School colours.

The Cub Leader was Morag Wilson and Assistant Cub Leaders were Eleanor Ross, Pat Young and Janette McCarroll

The were a very active Cub Pack, taking part in all the District activities, competitions and outings to places like Edinburgh Zoo and Glasgow Pantomimes. They went Carol Singing to Gateside and Ravenscraig Hospitals and also to old folk in the Larkfield district.

In 1970, Eleanor Ross became Cub Scout Leader and had their first Pack Holiday to Melrose Youth Hostel for a week. In the early 1970’s, there were week-end trips to Ayr, Edinburgh, Inveraray and Stirling staying at Youth Hostels. In 1975, Sandra Main took over as Cub Scout Leader.

With the success of the Cub Pack, a Scout Troop was started up in 1966.
The Group Scout Leader was Arthur Ferguson and the assistant Scout Leader was Douglas McGougan.

As Arthur was the producer of the District Gang Show, there was always a good representation of 99th Scouts in the Shows. There were summer camps – Pitlochry and Aberdeen.

They were entered in the Guinness Book of Records for playing 5 A Side Football non stop for 24 hours.

When Douglas resigned in the early 1970’s, there was a succession of Scout Leaders. In the late 70’s, John Black took over as Scout Leader and subsequently as Group Scout Leader. During John’s term, the troop was very active taking part in all District activities and competitions. They had four summer Camps to Holland.

Re-Union 2.jpg

There was a very successful re-union held in 1994, when founder members of the Scout troop were in attendance. The following year, there was a weekend camp at Everton Lodge.

Eleanor Ross returned to the Group in the early 1990’s as Group Scout Leader. She remained there until the Group folded in the January 2005.

Through the 1960’s and 1970’s, the 99th was one of the biggest and well run Scout Groups in the District. The Group was the first in the District to have ‘Mini Cubs’ now called Beavers.

The 99th was formed at the same time as Larkfield was being developed as a thriving Housing Scheme. In the beginning, Larkfield was very much the place to be.
However, as the prosperity and Larkfield began to fall, so did the 99th.

Below is photographs of the Pack and Troop taken in 1970.

99th Renfrewshire Pack.jpg

99th Renfrewshire Troop.jpg

Below the photographs of the Pack and Troop, there is a copy of an article on the reunion. Click on this feature to view a selection of other photographs.



Comment from Stewart McAlpine
Time August 31, 2009 at 12:44 pm

Scary to see my picture after all these years. was one of the first leaders of the scout troop and also helped out with the Cub Pack. Happy days.

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