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Non Active Scout Groups

Scouting in Greenock was first established during 1908. It expanded quickly and over the years. Many Groups have had their period of glory and then, for whatever reason, faded away.

In 1970 and on the occasion of the retirement of Jim Swan that ’Grand Old Man of Greenock Scouting’, the Local Association arranged for formal photographs to be taken of each Pack, Troop and Venture Unit. These photographs were bound in an Album and presented to Jim Swan.

Where Groups are now Non Active, the photographs have been reproduced, together with what information is available, and can be seen by viewing the Right Hand Menu Pages.

For Groups that closed pre 1970, any real information is difficult to retrieve. For posterity, the Group Numbers are listed below together with their Meeting Place and last known year of existence. Some had a short history while others flourished for a long period of time.

3rdCartsburnChurch & CraigieknowesSchool (1957).

4thRobertson Street Hut (1934)

8th – Murdieston St. Hut & St. Ninian’s Church Gourock (1948)

10th – Vennal Hall & Martyr’s & North (1957)

11th – St Mary’s, Holmscroft Street (1957)

16th – St. Mary’s, Holmscroft Street (1948)

23rd – Robertson Street Hut (Sea Scouts) (1948)

38thSt. John’sChurchGreenock (1968)

39th – St. Stephen’s Church Greenock (1957)

50th – Toc H Rooms (1934)

52ndErskineOrrHalls & St George’sChurch (1965)

60thLadyAliceSchool (1948)

82nd – St LaurenceChurch (1930)

83rd – St LaurenceChurch (1930)

86thWellparkChurch (1948)

87th – St. Patrick’s Church (1930)

88th – St. Patrick’s Church (1934)

88th – St. Patrick’s Church (1934)

Salvation Army (Bawhirley Road) (1957)

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who can provide further information on any of Non Active Groups.