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Greenock Gang Show 2014

Once again, Greenock Gang Show 2014 has run it’s course.

It took place from Tuesday 18th November to Saturday 22nd November in the Beacon Arts Centre. This is our is first show in the new theatre.

The cast for the show is drawn from Scout Groups within Inverclyde and totals 119, representing all sections from six-year-old Beaver Scouts to leaders.

Under the imaginative direction of producer Kenny Wilson the cast is supported by musical director Frank McCamley and a large and experienced instrumental, backstage and choreography crew. Many more volunteers from Greenock and District Scouts ensure that the cast is colourfully costumed and all the business from stage crew to front-of-house runs smoothly.

The attraction and challenge of this wonderful new venue caused much excitement among the production team. The Show was spectacular and full of colour.

Over six performances, it was nearly a sell out every time.

Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts present their own item – Pirates Bold.





There was a special commemoration item – World War One and Forces Tribute





At the end of the Show, District Commissioner Peter Bennett came to the front to give the traditional speech where he applauded the cast and performance given. He invited Kenny Wilson and all the back stage crews to come on to the stage.

He gave apologies from our Scottish Commissioner, Graham Haddock, who was unable to attend but welcomed Depute Scottish Commissioner Kenneth Robertson who was there in lieu

Kenneth opened his remarks by saying that he was glad that Graham had been unable to attend because it had given him the opportunity to see a spectacular Gang Show. He had been given a speech prepared by Graham which he read out. It praised the record of the Greenock Gang Show and recognised the long contribution that Kenny had given over as much as fifty years. First as a young Scout and going on to being the producer since 2002.

Then came the surprise to Kenny and the packed audience, Kenneth went on to say that in recognition of Service of a most exceptional nature,  you are awarded the unrestricted gift from the Chief Scout, the Silver Wolf.

It is not normal for the Silver Wolf to awarded outside of the normal period of the St. George’s Day Awards.