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Other Scottish Gang Shows

2008  - A -Gang Show Cast.jpgGreenock Gang Show is one of only seven recognised Gang Shows in Scotland. The others are Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling.


Recognised Gang Shows are permitted to wear the red neckie with yellow GS symbol on the peak.


View the web sites for the six Gang Shows across Scotland by clicking on the links below

Aberdeen Gang Show
Dundee Gang Show
Edinburgh Gang Show
Glasgow Gang Show
Inverness Gang Show
Stirling Gang Show

It was in 1932 that the founder of the Gang Shows (Ralph Reader) produced his first Gang Show, entitled “The Gang’s all Here!” This one-off fundraising event for the London Scout Council’s campsite (Downe) rapidly grew into a world-wide network of Gang Shows that we all recognise and love today.It is often said that, “every night of the year, somewhere in the world a Gang Show is playing”.


Over the years, Ralph wrote hundreds of songs and numerous sketches that are used by Gang Shows everywhere. In 1974, Ralph, a man in his 70’s, decided it was time to slow down and wrote and produced the ‘Farewell London Gang Show’, which was staged at the Gaumont State Theatre, London, to packed houses and tremendous acclaim.


Many awards and presentations were bestowed on Ralph throughout his life in recognition of his commitment to Scouting and to the world of entertainment. Some of these awards included the MBE and subsequently the CBE. He was made a Honorary Citizen of the State of Illinois in 1961, and was awarded the Bronze Wolf from the World Scout Association in 1975.


Ralph died in 1982, but his everlasting legacy is the Gang Show. Ralph’s unmistakable style of writing and the talent of Scouts and Guides the world over prove that the greatest youth entertainment the world has ever known continues to keep “riding along on the crest of a wave” wherever, whenever, a Gang Show is performed.

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