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Crate climb opening

In 2013, due to ‘tree root fungus’  Everton Scout Camp lost two aerial activities  – Crate Climb and Zip Slide.

In the first instance, we set out to replace the Crate Climb. After much thought and various options and looking for assistance,  we turned to Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd and spoke to John Morgan, Head of Communications . We were delighted to hear that John was one of a record number of eleven Scouts from the original 5th West Kirk’s’ Own”   who all achieved their Queen Scout Awards in the same year.

.With enthusiasm, Ferguson rose to the challenge of producing an agreed design and thereafter proceeding with the fabrication of what is best described as a mini Goliath.

As the fabrication progressed, our next challenge was simply – ‘ how do we transport a tonne and a half  of steel (in three sections) to Everton and then get it erected.

In stepped Lightways (Contractors) Ltd who are a supplier to Inverclyde Council of street and festive  lighting installations.

Lightways were delighted to help and with their specialised equipment, foundations were dug, concrete poured and the three parts of the structure brought together and erected.

The final stage was to put in a deck and surrounding fence and gate. This was ably carried out by our Camp Skipper (Alan Newbigging) and his team assisted by Inverclyde D of E.

In preparation of our formal Opening and to round it off, the squad was further assisted by Guiders Shona Newbigging and Jean Spencer in the massive job of cutting the grass around the campsite.

Greenock & District Scouts are indebted to both Ferguson Marine and Lightways. Without their contributions, we would not have the magnificent structure that is now at Everton.  The old Clydeside Goliath is long gone but with our new mini Goliath it is the wish of all  that Scouts from all over Scotland – and all over the word for that matter,  will be able – for many decades to come – to go home and tell their folks that they had a tussle with Goliath on the banks of the Clyde and came through unscathed.


On Tuesday 23rd July 2019, about 30 guests and twelve Scouts gathered to hear our Chair Alex Lynch giving a warm welcome to Inverclyde Provost Brennan, Councillors Rebecci and Brookes, MSP Stuart McMillan and other guests. Alex paid tribute to all who had persevered over a number of years to make this Crate Climb possible saying that we are indebted  to Ferguson Marine, Lightways, Inverclyde D of E and a number of Scouts and supporters but particularly, Jim Bell, Gordon McCready and Alan Newbigging (Camp Skipper) as well as great assistance by Guiders Shona Newbigging and Jean Spencer in the massive job of cutting the grass around the campsite.



John Morgan Head of Communications of Ferguson Marine, spoke of his particular pleasure as he was one of a record number of eleven Scouts  from the original 5th West Kirk’s’ Own” who all achieved their Queen Scout Awards in the same year.

In the absence of Graham Stevenson Operations Manager of Lightways, Alex said that Lightways  were delighted to help as they really do  appreciate the Scouts values and ethos They knew that everything required was available to make it happen. This will not only be a well-loved addition to the amazing facilities already on site but will also be one that will be used for many years to come.

On the invitation of Alex, Provost Brennan came forward, In the first instance, he remarked on the extent of the facilities available at Everton and praised the dedicated service made by a wide range of volunteer youth leaders who contributed to the benefit of the community. He then cut the ribbon across the gate and formally declared the Crate Climb open.

The Scouts then trooped through the gate and demonstrated their skills. Safely harnessed up, they slowly stacked the crates up until the inevitable happened and they swung off






A challenge was made to the audience asking if anyone wished a try. The erstwhile Councillor Graeme  Brookes declared himself to be a Himalayan mountaineer. and duly stepped forward to demonstrate his skills. 85th Scout Leader Nicola Foley was prepared to join him. She hugged him tightly until they swung apart.





The Scouts went on to display Tomahawk Throwing while the guests had the opportunity to tour the site, view the lodge facilities where a defibrillator has recently been put in place.  Moving through the site, there was a memorial bench in memory of Ian Spence. This had been placed by his niece, Ann Clifton and daughter Lynne and is designed in the form of a Tree of Life. Ian had been a member of the old 45th and had been instrumental in the effort in progressing the new crate climb structure as well as much other work.


To conclude the day, a buffet lunch was available to give the opportunity for further friendship and chat.