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Outdoor Activities


For some time, a range of Outdoor Activities have been available at Everton.

Recently, recent additions have been made due to successful fundraising:-

a)    Due to the generosity of the People’s Postcode Trust, a Zip Slide has been erected.

b)   Due to the generousity of Children in Need, a Low Rope Course has been erected.

c)    In his memory, the family of Mark Muir has provided funding to erect a Crate Climb.

Sadly, the year 2013  annual Tree Survey revealed that two of the trees used for these activities are infected with honey fungus which is a root decaying fungus which results in tree death. Infected trees are prone to branch breakage. Therefore these trees have been condemned as being unfit for purpose and should no longer be used for existing aerial activities.

In 2014, the annual inspection & survey of the high wires has identified the Jacob’s Ladder as being unsafe. This is now closed for use and has been dismantled.

Discussions are ongoing to find suitable replacement high wire activities

Archery activities are still avalable


Click on to the photograph of the Crate Climb and view a selection of photographs