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1976 – Cub Diamond Jubilee

In 1976, The Cubs thought that to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee they would like to something very different and almost impossible.

They did acheive that aim and here is their story. Click obn the the image to hear it all.

Cubs 60th a.jpg


Comment from Brian Donaldson
Time February 9, 2009 at 9:22 am

I was doing a Modular Wood Badge Course with Nan Connie and Mary Kernohan in Paisley in 1976 and was invited to bring my Pack along on the trip. Everything had been arranged and the train was to stop at Paisley Gilmour Street to pick us up. The Cubs had been issued with maps of the rail network and thay were to guess where we were going. Everyone waited expectantly for the train to arrive but, just before it came into sight an announcement came over the station tannoy

Comment from Donald Adey
Time November 3, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Delighted to see the Magical Mystery Tour Train covered here. Being a bit of a train buff I suggested and drove this though with Nan and the team then. I was SL, or was it GSL in the 75th (Old West Kirk). It was super fun getting it all to work.and in the days of BR. When the train ran I missed it! being on the International Camp Staff with Boy Scouts of America. I recall complaining to BR afterwards that 3 coaches has no corridor connection. At least one Cub Scout had to be held at an open door when the train stopped at some signal!! We got a cheque with a modest refund! Having just stopped work with HSE I wonder what white hairs that would have caused.

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