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Dunfermline Abbey

On Sunday 4th March over 700 members of Scouting in scotland celebrated the life of Robert Baden-Powell:- the founder of our scouting movement which is celebrating its Centenary this year.

The Founder’s Day celebrationtook place at historic Dunfermline Abbey. There were young people aged from 6 to 25 and adult volunteersfrom across Scotland taking part. This was the first national event of the Centenary year.

EachArea was allocated a number of places. greenock District was allocatedtickets for two Leaders and six Beavers. The Beaver allocation has been given to –

Nicholas Reaich (10th), Jamie Humphries (32nd), Brad Cooper (59th), Aiden Collins (70th), Connor McSeffrey (73rd) and Ewan Stewart (80th)

In addition as the 73rd Scouts won the last Area flag Competition, they formed the Area Flag Party. The Are Flag Party consisted of the flag carrier plus two escorts.

On the day, they travelled to Dunfermline by minibus.

Leapmoor Pipe Band participated in the event. As part of the Scout Centenary Band, they played in the Cloisters prior to the Service. After the Service, the Band led the Queen’s Colours and Scout Flags to a Reception held in Pittencrieff Park.

Click on the image below to view a selection of photographs taken on the day.