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Gang Show Scotland

Scotland’s Centenary Gang Show took place on 18 August in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen

To celebrate the centenary of Scouting, the seven Scottish Gang Shows produced a spectacular joint show over two performances. Each Gang – from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Greenock, Inverness and Stirling provided 50 of their cast to provide a composite Gang of 350 people. They performed a fast moving professional show full of colour, song, dance and comedy.

The production team led by Ian W Dow (Executive Producer & Chair) Graham Read (Musical Director) and Judith Stephen (Stage Director) are to be complimented in the successful way that they pulled together a very special Show.

The full Gang took part in The Opening and the Finale. In between, each area put on two Items. One with the full team and the other with a small number of people.
In the First Half, Greenock performed ‘Locomotion’.
In the Second Half, the item was ‘Bazaar Going’s On’

Locomotion proved to be the talking point of the Show. The beat & pace had the whole audience going. At the end of the Show there was many compliments from the other Areas. Once again, Greenock was being talked about in a very positive manner.

The Greenock Cast thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and have every right to be proud of their perfomance. The weeks of rehearsal proved to worthwhile.

It is only proper to acknowledge the work put in by the various supporting teams, led by:-

Producer: Kenny Wilson
Business Manager: Ronnie McKay
Musical Director: Frank McCamley
Choreographer: Nicola Reid
Wardroom Manager: Carol McCallum `
Set Design: Stephen McGrath

Special thanks are given to the Old West Kirk, Greenock for rehearsal facilities.

Ian Dow, the Executive Producer of the Show has prepared a Final Report which he has submitted to Scottish Headquarters. This can be read by clicking on to the Gang Show Scotland Report on the right hand column.

A small selection of photographs can be seen by clicking on to the Gang below.

A1 Greenock Cast.jpg