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Red Nose Day

As we celebrate our Centenary Year, the Scout Association teamed up with Comic Relief to take part in Red Nose Day 2007.

Local groups were encouraged to join in the fun and organise their own Big Adventure for Red Nose Day. Events could be something big, loud, fast, silly or messy.

Thousands of poor and disadvantaged people, across the UK and Africa, will get the help they need to turn their lives around with the money raised.

In agreement with Comic Relief, the Groups may, if they wish, keep 25% of the money raised.

The 32nd decided to organise Red Nose event. On Thursday 15 March, all the young people turned up wearing something red and sporting a Red Nose.

Activities included a wet sponge throw at GSL Carol Mccallum, the school janitor, Robert Mcdonald and several of the Section Leaders.

Explorer Scout Leader, Mark Sinnamon, was the best sport of the evening. He had a special ‘Red Nose Day’ haircut, in the form of a Red Mohican haircut, carried out by AGSL Jim MacDonald. Some younger members of the Group also agreed (with parental consent) to have a Mohican. One of the youngest being 6 year old Laurie McCallum.

All donations and the Tuck shop money will go to the Africa Charity. A total of £400 was raised.

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